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Get your students ready to excel in college from Day One. Easy-to-use, done-for-you online instruction to help them prepare in just 5 weeks!

I’m passionate about helping educators & families like you prepare your students for college-level academics—so that they can graduate on schedule and achieve the life of their dreams.

Hello, I’m Dr. William Bryant!

If you want to give your collegebound student(s) the best opportunity to thrive, you’re in the perfect place. Success in college means academic success: thinking critically, communicating effectively, finding and excelling at work they love. Your students need to know what to expect in the college classroom—and what will be expected of them.

WRITING is the key that unlocks it all…

There’s a reason why every college and university requires a first- year writing course: when students become effective writers, they demonstrate the bundle of skills most necessary for excellence—in school, and in life.

School workshops and private coaching options available. Contact me for more information about how we can create a bridge between high school and college writing for your teen(s).

We’re not  Talking About Grammar and Spelling

Study after study confirms that writing is the #1 SKILL linked to academic accomplishment—and this is true no matter a student’s major or career path.

With superior writing skills, your student(s) can:

Define problems with precision

Work productively with a variety of sources & information

Think critically to find solutions

Communicate clearly & persuasively

Produce polished, professional work

These skills are in high demand everywhere…. and they’re the key to college and career success.

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Learn the key skills to teach your high schooler(s) BEFORE they arrive at college:

Research-Validated, Confidence-Boosting,  Life-Changing

Research-Validated, Confidence-Boosting,

College-Ready Writing provides targeted tools and resources I’ve developed based on extensive research and experience.

I’m eager to help your school or family navigate this critical transition between high school and college.

Let’s help your student(s) enter the next phase of their lives fully confident and prepared to succeed.

Let’s guide them toward developing EXACTLY the skills most essential for achieving their full potential.

How to Work Together

Preparing students for college-level academics takes teamwork.
I provide targeted supports designed for everyone with a role in the process—please select yours below to learn more!

Helpful Free Resources

Below are a few of my no-cost resources to help get everyone started!

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